Foods That Boost and Kill Testosterone – Natural Diets to Promote Sexual Health.

Posted: July 27, 2017 by admin in Sexual Health

Testosterone is mainly a male hormone although it still is essential for women’s sexual health. It keeps libido at is max and produces masculine changes in men. With age, reduction in its production reduces. The best way to counter this natural process is to include foods that boost testosterone in your diets.

Certain factors such as exposure to toxins, drug abuse, obesity and hormonal imbalances will affect the sensitivity and assimilation of testosterone in the body. Even when on healthy foods to raise the hormone’s levels, it is important that you keep away from them.

Best booster foods that increase testosterone

Olive oil
A certain research reported that men who consumed olive oil on daily basis had their levels of testosterone raised by up to 20%. Most supplements will not match this as a matter of fact.

It is not only a remedy to increase libido but actually one of the best testosterone booster foods. It has lots of zinc in it and the healthy fats that will keep you energetic all day long.

Pumpkin seeds
It is the zinc in them that puts them on the list of best testosterone boosting foods. They also contain minerals such as magnesium which is almost as important as zinc.

Hormones are best made when there are enough of saturated fats in the body. Coconut is the best source of such fats. It will also help you avoid obesity and its effects on testosterone.

Take broccoli for example; it is filled with antioxidants and vitamins just to mention a few. It is beneficial to men and women as it boosts the production of an estrogen-hormone vital for sexual health.

It is also part of penis enlargement foods. This is because it contains two very rare minerals, allicin and selenium which aids the production of testosterone.

Another seafood to add to your purchase list for more testosterone. Apart from zinc, it contains lots of omega-3 fatty acids whose testosterone boosting benefits are well known.

Whey protein
This is the food to keep you from stress and fight the stress hormone (cortisol). Cortisol negatively affects the production of testosterone in the body.

Along with watermelon and lemon juice, they are the three ingredients to making natural Viagra at home. It is one of the few foods that increase testosterone by up to 30%. It is also a libido booster and will keep you in a good mood all the day long.

Natural Foods that kill testosterone

There are some foods that kill testosterone. Avoiding high consumption of these foods will help keep your testosterone in the required levels. They include:

Soy products
They are encouraged in lots of articles and health blogs. However, conflicts have been indicated in the levels of testosterone and heavy consumption of soy products.

Cheese will probably find its way into your partying diets. It is not good though for natural production of testosterone and estrogen.

Sugared drinks
Processed sugars especially ones added to sweeten drinks is not only bad for your general health but also to your testosterone production. It is one of the commonly used foods that decrease testosterone.

A perfect remedy for your breath. But did you know that the menthol in mint is a testosterone killer? It will also put you out of the mood to have sex.

Flaxseeds have actually been added to foods that kill testosterone following recent research reports. It contains a lot of lignin, a compound that reduces the male hormone.

It is not a food but it is a commonly consumed product. Alcohol messes with your liver and leaves in a state of hormonal imbalance. Although it is sometimes said to temporary cure premature ejaculation, too much of it will cause low T and erectile dysfunction.

Quick snacks
Do you prefer your bread with margarine? Well, it is not recommended in relation to testosterone production.

Supplements to take with natural testosterone foods

Supplements are a good option when it comes to jump-starting your testosterone replacement. They usually contain a variety of minerals and vitamins used for natural testosterone production. Supplements are just like natural testosterone foods just that they are more concentrated in particular minerals than are foods.

Taking a cordyceps supplement, for example, can help boost the natural production of testosterone in a man. The good thing about this supplement is that it also takes care of general body health such as boosting immunity and cognitive abilities. These are two important factors when it comes to natural testosterone.

It is always for the better if you get to learn exactly what mineral or vitamin is contained in a particular supplement before going for the same. The fact is that no supplement will contain all the benefits of best foods that raise testosterone.

Can herbal products replace testosterone boosting foods?

Herbal products such as horny goat weed have been used for several health benefits including boosting testosterone. Well, they do work as much as user reports are concerned.

All the same, there is no way you can go on taking a herbal product for the rest of your life. Most of them work when taken alongside natural foods high in testosterone boosting capabilities. They can be used along with such foods but not to replace them.

Not all herbal products should be used without a doctor’s advice. Some may cause lowering of blood pressure, increased resistance to insulin and even interactions with some medications. Ensure to check on possible side effects associated with a certain herbal product before using it with testosterone booster foods.

How do natural foods that lower testosterone work

It may be a bit surprising that dietary inclusions can actually mess up with your testosterone levels.

If you are to go the list of the foods that lower testosterone listed above, you will notice a redundant feature; they all are associated with obesity, ED and blood circulation.

Take cheese for example. It contains unhealthy fats that will end up clogging your blood vessels and barring blood from being circulated in the penile muscles. It will also mess up with the normal levels of sex hormones such as estrogen. This is especially when gotten from cow milk.

Drinks such as alcohol and sweetened beverages have effects on weight gain. They also increase insensitivity to insulin. As you may already know, more insulin means less testosterone. These are just some of the effects of foods that lower testosterone.

Dietary inclusions are of much importance, not only in relation to testosterone but also to general body and sexual health. It is not always about getting your stomach filled and living to see the next day. It is more about giving you an enjoyable lifetime.

Some people find it easier to get already planned meal plans consisting of the best foods that boost testosterone. Such can be accessed online or on subscription magazine releases.

Finally, talk to your doctor about any testosterone concerns that may arise. Note that low sex drive and reduced muscle mass are symptoms but not necessarily guaranteed indications of low T. taking a testosterone test will provide exact results on whether you have low testosterone levels or not.