Erectile Dysfunction causes – What are the main reasons behind this problem.

Posted: August 22, 2017 by admin in Erectile Dysfunction

When you are a man who is in a relationship or married then making love is one of the best ways you can cement that love. Intimacy can help you get that attention that you like since it makes it easy for both parties to enjoy sex and thereby bonding this love. Whether you are in your 20s, 50s or even 40s this is one thing that you can enjoy regardless how old you are as a man. Therefore, it is very important that you can be capable of doing this also for the sake of your partner. However, this may not be necessarily the case as there are many factors that can prevent you from enjoying this activity. Sexual health is key when it comes to intimacy and if you are not in good health then you may not have a good time in doing this. There are several things that you should know that can affect your reproduction health preventing you from having a good intimate relationship with your partner.

Some of the sexual conditionS that can prevent you from enjoying intimacy with your partner

The main and one of the biggest problems which can prevent you from developing having sex with your partner is impotency. What causes erectile dysfunction are several factors that can include health issues as well as lifestyle changes. Many of the erectile dysfunction causes can be traced to some of the poor lifestyles that a lot of people are engaging in.

Another reason that can make you not to enjoy sex is when you have premature ejaculation. This is when you cannot be capable of lasting long before ejaculating and therefore, cutting short your lovemaking intimacy. You are also most likely going to ejaculate even before penetrating your partner and therefore, not even satisfying her.

Delayed ejaculation is also another reproductive health issue that can prevent you from enjoying sex. This mostly affects a man who will not experience ejaculation and if lucky to have one then he is going to last for long before having one.

What are the causes of erectile dysfunction in men in general?

Even though the different age group of men has different main causes to this problem we are going to see how you will generally going to be affected by this problem. Men of any age can be affected by this problem where causes can be caused by various factors which are as follow.
This is one of the main problems which can affect your reproductive health leading to ED problem. Smoking is known to affect the testosterone levels which can lead to various reproduction health issues. When this hormone is not produced by the prostate glands then you can be sure that your penis will fail to raise when you need to have sex.
When you have a disease like diabetes and other endocrine diseases then you are also most likely going to suffer from this problem. These diseases affect how the body works and you are going to experience various health problems which include impotence. These diseases affect production of hormones such as testosterone as well as inhibiting sexual mood. One way or another you are going to have your penis get damaged and this will also result in erection dysfunction problem.
Neurological disorder
This is where some of the nerve in your body cannot be transmitted from the brain to the sexual reproduction organ. This therefore even if you are about to have sex with your partner this will not be signaled to your sexual organ and it will not harden or erect. When nerves in your body stop functioning properly then you are going to experience this problem. Unless the problem is temporal then you are going to experience this problem as long as you don’t get proper treatment.
When you are a person who drinks heavily then you are most likely going to suffer from this problem. Young males and adults who engage in alcohol abuse are most likely to develop this problem. Other drugs such as cocaine and bhang can also affect your erection capabilities. This way you are going to have similar symptoms as they affect your brain and therefore when signals are being sent to the organ it can go to the wrong organ and therefore, inhibiting your sexual experience.

Other causes that can make you not to have a better sexual experience include

  • Injuries that can affect your spinal cord which acts as a highway of signals from the brain into sexual reproduction organ.
  • Side effects of certain medications can cause ED in men especially antidepressant.
  • Sometimes, the penis itself can have various health problems that can prevent erection in males.
  • Another erectile dysfunction causes that you are most likely going to experience include obesity which can to a large extent cause this problem especially in young males.
  • Stress and depression as well will be a cause to this problem in many relationship. Even though many may not notice this but if you are under a lot of pressure and you develop depression then you are also going to suffer from this problem.
  • Anxiety is another main problem that causes this problem in males in their 20s. When you are nervous before you have sex then you are mostly going to experience this issue when you are with your partner.

What are the main methoDS that you can use to get rid OF this problem?

When you realize that you are suffering from this problem the next thing that you should do is to seek help from health experts who can help to cure it. Depending on the causes, the cure can be different and this is why you are advised to seek medical help.

  • One way of treating this is through the use of medication using drugs. A good example of this is the use of male enhancement tactics which include the use of ED pills.
  • Natural methods are also used when trying to cure erectile dysfunction causes. Some of the product used for this purpose include the use of herbal viagra that is effective in helping those who are having a temporal problem. This is considered under natural cure that many people who are afraid of side effects will normally go for.
  • Change of lifestyle is another great way of dealing with this problem which includes avoiding intake of a lot of alcohol as well as quitting smoking which is also another big problem for many.
  • Other treatment can involve surgeries when the problem is due to damaged nerve or even tissue.

Those are some of the causes and treatment that you will find in the market today where you get a chance to get necessary treatment so you can be intimate with your wife or lady. There is no need to suffer since what causes erectile dysfunction is known and can easily be treated in hospital or even small clinics.