DHEA supplement Benefits for Men & Women: Dosage with Side effects.

Posted: August 22, 2017 by admin in Supplements

What many people don’t know is that there are different types of hormones that help your body to function the way it is supposed to work. One of the hormones which play a huge role in our body is what is known as DHEA. This is a hormone which is produced by adrenal glands and is one of the most useful hormones in the body. This hormone is produced both in men and women body to help in the production of sex hormones.

For men, the hormone which is produced is known as androgens while in women what is produced is known as estrogens. However, there are people who will experience a shortage of this hormone where they can’t naturally produce these hormones in their body and therefore, they may need to have a man-made hormone introduced in the body. This is why development of DHEA supplement was introduced to help people in such situation and start using these products that can help to fulfill functions that they are required to have.

What are some of the functions of DHEA hormone in the body?

There are several things that this important hormone does in the body. Here are some of the things that this hormone will help the body to achieve proper functioning of the body.

  • One of the uses of DHEA benefits includes burning of fat in the stomach. For those people who have big bellies, they should know this is a sign that they have excess fat in the stomach and they may need to do something about this. However, if your DHEA hormone is working correctly, it can help you achieve this.
  • DHEA for men is also very useful when it comes to insulin resistance and it also works in the same manner in women bodies.
  • Another benefit that DHEA for women can help you to achieve is it helps in reducing artery stiffness which can cause a person to be less flexible.
  • This hormone has also been discovered to prevent heart disease such as stroke.

However, if you don’t have this hormone naturally in your body then you should not worry since you can get supplements that can substitute this hormone. You can find over the counter products which have this hormone and they are a good supplement. Some of the products which are used for this purpose include cream, as well as pills. Maybe you are wondering how you can tell when you have a deficiency of this problem. There are several signs that you should check out for to know that you have a deficiency of this problem.

Signs that show that you have a deficiency of dhea

If you see some of the following conditions then you can start seeking man-made hormone:

  • If you start experiencing poor memory recall then this can be a good sign that you may need to look for this hormone.
  • If you happen to get poor concentration on anything that you do then you should go for a test of this hormone.
  • When you start feeling that you start experiencing unknown symptoms of illness throughout your body.
  • If you experience low sexual libido for no any good reason then you should know that this can be a good sign that you might have a deficiency of this hormone.
  • Another sign is when you experience premature ejaculation during sex and this can be rectified through having a DHEA for men.
  • If you also get to see gaining weight without any good reason for justifying this weight gain then you should be ready for that checkup.

There are many people who ask themselves what DHEA is when they are told that they have a shortage of this hormone. People who are at a risk of experiencing deficiency are those people who are suffering from the following conditions.

Group of people who are AT the risk of developing a shortage of dhea hormone

  • People who are suffering or living with HIV/AIDS are most vulnerable to develop a deficiency of DHEA supplement. This disease kills the immune system of the body and cells that help to protect adrenaline are also attacked as well as this gland. This will then cause the body to experience a shortage of the hormone.
  • People who are suffering from kidney disease are also at a risk of developing a shortage of this hormone. The adrenal hormone which is located near kidneys can be affected when your kidney get affected. This will surely create a shortage of DHEA in the body in the long run.
  • Diabetes is also one of the causes of deficiency of this hormone. People who suffer from this disease are at the risk of developing this deficiency.
  • Another thing that can cause the deficiency of this hormone includes adrenal deficiency which is responsible for the production of this hormone.

Treatments that may cause a person to have a shortage of sulfate dhea supplement

One of the drugs that can cause this hormone to be produced in small amount includes insulin which will definitely affect adrenal hormone. You may also be forced to go for a DHEA dosage if you get treated with corticosteroids. This treatment affects how your body performs and this can lead to the development of this problem. When you are suffering from arthritis, you are going to be treated using this drug and adrenal glands.

Another treatment that can cause a person to experience a shortage of this hormone is danazol. This is a drug which is used to treat fibrocystic breast in women. It destroys the pituitary glands which will eventually affect the production of DHEA. It is also a likelihood for a person to suffer from this problem if you are getting treatment using opiates. This drug is used to treat depression where it can lead to damage to certain glands in the body. Most of these drugs have an impact that affects the production of DHEA in the body.

When you suspect that you may have a deficiency of DHEA, it is important that you confirm with the doctor so that you can get proper tests to establish the same. Without this test then you can’t be sure you are suffering from this problem and therefore, it’s not advisable to go on to buy this hormone.

Procedure that is done during dhea hormone testing

When you get into a hospital, there is a procedure that will be used to establish whether your erectile dysfunction problem has been caused by a shortage of this hormone. The first step that will be taken is for a serum test to be done where it will be observed to check whether the quantity of this hormone is sufficient in the body. These test can be done to men, women or even children and with this test, the level of DHEA will be determined to see whether it is excess or there is a shortage.

When having this test, it’s important that you stay free from using other types of vitamins or even supplement so that the test can be reliable. Sometimes, it can be a painful procedure since it will involve drawing of blood using syringe and many people will not be ready to face this. This test will surely show the levels of the hormone in your blood.

If you find that you have a low amount of this hormone in your blood then you will be advised to use various means for you to increase the amount of this hormone in the body. At this point, you may not know what DHEA is but after some time, you will be able to understand after you research for this for yourself.

Here are some of the products that you can use to increase the amount of this hormone in your body.

Man-made supplements

These include products such as cream, pills as well as injection. You can administer this hormone using one of the above methods. It will depend with you on your preference but all the methods will just work fine in your body.
There are several things that you must consider when choosing the product that you are going to use. They include:

  • Make sure the Viagra alternative that you will be using as DHEA product is safe for you. Check whether it has been approved by regulatory authorities to help you in treating the condition that you may be facing.
  • Also, make sure that you read reviews which can help you to determine which products are best for your needs. Many people will review the product and you will get a clear picture of what to expect after using the man-made hormone.
  • Also, you might need to consider some of the side effects that you may experience for using this man-made DHEA. You are most likely to see some effects after using this hormone for some time.
  • It is also important that you seek guidance from a specialist if you are using other medication. If you have diabetes or HIV/AIDS then this can be complicated and you may need to ask whether it’s okay to use this hormone. In case you may get a reaction then you can be able to address this problem.

Major side effects

When you go for a man-made DHEA hormone, there are several side effects that you are most likely going to see.

  • Men who use this hormone are likely to develop breast tissue and they may start to swell. This is something which is physically seen and whenever you experience this then you can always seek for medical help.
  • Women of the other side who use DHEA for women may experience irregular periods.
  • There are people who will experience mood swings which is an effect of this hormone.
  • High blood pressure is another effect which can be felt by a person who is taking this supplement. It is important that you make sure you see a doctor if you experience this problem since it can become a complex issue which can lead to health complications.
  • Another effect is developing a deeper voice in men. This is not dangerous and it disappear as soon as you stop using the hormone supplement.