Damiana Extract Supplement: Benefits of capsules, tea and seeds.

Posted: August 22, 2017 by admin in Supplements

Damiana is a shrub, a native of Central and North America. It is believed that ancient Mayans used its leaves to promote sexual health and boost immunity. With time, damiana has come to be known as an aphrodisiac. This is in regards to relieving stress and treating anxiety.

Recent studies have shown that the plant contains antioxidants. It is for this reason that it can be used for general health promotion as well as treating gastric disorders like constipation.

Some people smoke the herb for a stimulation effect. There is no nicotine in the herb but professionals suggest that smoking damiana can be equally harmful as smoking tobacco.

Damiana herb effects

Available studies show that damiana contains a couple of active ingredients. Although a comprehensive study has not been conducted, volatile oil, tannin, flavonoids and essential oils have all been found in the plant’s leaves.

When taken, damiana produces a stimulation effect in the intestines. It also vasodilates the blood arteries that supply the genitals with blood. These two effects work by promoting sexual health and also increasing the level of available energy in the body.

Damiana capsules promote sexual stamina and performance in the long-term. Improved blood flow to the genital area ensures that sperms are produced as they should be. It also ensures that an erection occurs when needed. In fact, the herb has been used to enhance quality orgasms in women.

Trials on rats show that damiana supplement can reduce the amount of time needed to respond to sexual stimuli. It has also shown that sexual vigor is increased in subjects under the supplement.

It is currently not known how exactly damiana works all the same. This is especially when it comes to relieving stress and anxiety. Traditionally, the herb is prepared into an herbal damiana tea and drank to produce a relaxation effect.

Damiana supplement benefits

As much as we do not fully understand how the herb produces its effects, there are notable damiana benefits that have been observed over time. They include:

Promotes gastric health
A certain research found that damiana has antioxidant effects that can fight stomach ulcers. It can also ease the symptoms of such gastric disorders like bloating, constipation and sometimes heart burns. Taking it in tea can aid in digestion and protect from common stomach infections.

It is an aphrodisiac
You will not exhaust all the available reviews on products that can promote sexual health, especially in men.

However, damiana has been supported by a couple of research reports as being effective in promoting a healthy man. It is not how these effects are produced. Most researchers link them to more blood into the genital area. Others suggest that the stimulation effects are responsible for the improvement in sexual health promoted by damiana supplements.

Helps in weight management
When used in a combination with some other supplements, damiana can increase the fat burning process and in that boost a weight loss regime.

The herb has been shown to increase the amount of heat produced in the body, which is a symptom of fat burning process.

Enhances mental capabilities
Any supplement that can enhance mood or fight anxiety is good for mental development. Since the ancient times, it has been known that damiana can promote a feeling of wellbeing, especially when taken in tea. In fact, it is for this reason that some people have taken to smoking the herb.

Promotes urinary tract health
In the south of America, ancients used damiana in treating infections of the bladder. Science has little to say about this. It is thought that the increased blood flow to the genital area produced by damiana helps ease the bladder and in the process prevents possible infections.

Damiana extract has also been used to treat conditions such as asthma, migraines and dry vagina. Some women take it to promote normal menses, such as reducing menstrual cramps. Insufficient evidence supports these uses.

May treat erectile dysfunction
Using damiana with other enhancement products such as a penis extender can treat ED in its own way. You find that such a device depends on the availability of blood in the genitals, this time the penis for it to be effective. As we have earlier seen, damiana can succeed in promoting more blood flow to the genitals.

How to use damiana extract and pills

There are various forms in which damiana is available. Damiana capsules are for example widely available for sale over the counter. You can also buy its tinctures or essential oils containing the supplement. Its leaves can also be smoked but the habit is harmful.

2-4 g of damiana supplement taken thrice a day before meals have been found to be effective. The effects will depend on your health, age or even other medications you may be taking.

There are other ways in which you can take your damiana dosage. For example, you can crush damiana seeds and make a paste of them. The paste is said to be an effective toothache cure. Milk can also be added to the paste and used to treat piles. Taking damiana tea on daily basis has also been advertised as a natural Viagra alternative.

Is smoking damiana herb harmful?

The compound in tobacco that causes cancer is tar. Tar is formed when an accumulation of smoke, respiratory excretions, and other active compounds occur in the lungs.

When damiana herb is smoked, the same will happen. There will be no difference between a damiana smoker and a tobacco smoker. In terms of ruining the lungs and promoting cancer, smoking damiana is harmful.

When it comes to the issue of addiction, nicotine is the compound that causes tobacco users to become addicted to the substance. Nicotine is not present in damiana leaves. In this case, a user might escape the addiction caused by nicotine in tobacco users. However, they still can suffer a different form of addiction. In this case, the users might be overly dependent on the relaxation effects produced by smoking damiana.

Damiana herb side effects

Damiana herb is considered safe in most cases. This is as long as the recommended dosage has been used. You find that very high doses can promote illusions and hallucinations. They can also contribute to gastric disorders and mild headaches.

The use of damiana herb in pregnant and breastfeeding women is not sufficiently investigated. To avoid possible negative interactions, stay away from the pills or any form of damiana supplements in such periods.

Since most supplements and drugs require a bit of breaking down in the body, patients with liver disorders risk worsening the conditions when taking supplements on their own.

It has been noted that damiana can bring about a reduction in the available blood sugar levels. To avoid complications, refrain from using the supplement if you are diabetic. This also goes for individuals with prospects of undergoing any form of surgery, including penis enlargement surgery. Stop any further administration about 2 weeks prior to the surgery.

Where to buy damiana capsules and seeds

Local retailers will readily offer you damiana capsules even the seeds. You can also buy tea bags and make an herbal tea at home. In fact, damiana tea has been used traditionally to replace alcoholism and drugs abuse.

Buying from a vendor who can sell you other herbal erection pills or supplements is a better idea. This is because even damiana will not work effectively on its own when it comes to treating erectile dysfunction or even weight loss.

Final thoughts
History has so far proven to us that damiana is both an aphrodisiac and a health promoter. It is always advisable to learn more about the dosage, effects and uses of a particular supplement before giving it a try.

You can consider using damiana with other enhancement erectile dysfunction drugs. For example, taking a supplement that increases testosterone will work perfectly with damiana use.