Cordyceps Mushroom Health Benefits – Supplement, Cost, Dosage and Side Effects.

Posted: July 27, 2017 by admin in Supplements

There is an excess of 300 species parasitic sorts of fungi belonging to the genus Cordyceps. Fungi species decompose dead materials, thus returning the carcass into usable energy in the ecosystem.

Mushrooms have been in the past used as food products, poisoning agents and other such uses. However, none of these uses has managed to build a whole economy around its potential health benefits such as cordyceps mushroom has.

This species of mushrooms is a native of China especially in the Tibetan plateaus. Physically, the mushrooms resemble long orange fingers; a fact that differentiates them from most mushroom species. It is parasitic; spores from the plant thrive inside a certain species of moth caterpillars killing them in the end.

Cordyceps benefits have been studied for long. This can be attributed to the fact that it formed an important part of ancient Chinese medicine. Today, the plant has gained too much popularity that it has been over-harvested. This article is meant to provide a detailed guide to cordyceps health benefits, cost, dosage, supplements and potential side effects.

Main health benefits of cordyceps mushroom

Metabolism booster
The most notable health benefit associated with cordyceps is its ability to keep an individual energetic. It is for this reason that athletes use supplements from this plant to enhance their performance. Unlike enhancing pills, this product will not test positive for drug tests needed prior to competitive events. This is assuming that you have taken pure forms of the product and supplements containing other unidentified ingredients.

Boosts immunity
Cordyceps extract acts as a free radicles neutralizer. These are molecules that attack healthy cells in the body. It is because of this reason that Cordyceps is known to prevent cancer.
The plant also promotes the production of healthy T-cells. These are the particular body cells that fight off pathogens invading the body. T-cells are attacked by HIV/AIDS virus. Cordyceps can be helpful for such patients. Remember not to take it in excess, however, in search for quicker boosted immunity.

Enhances respiratory system
For patients suffering from asthma and other infections of the respiratory system, cordyceps can help improve the situation. It is also known that athletes experience enhanced breathing process and suffer less exhaustion when under a cordyceps supplement.

Fights cholesterol
‘Bad’ cholesterol is bad news on so many levels. For one, it increases the risk of heart attacks and stroke. It also leads to erectile dysfunctions and a list of other health complications. Cordyceps helps in fighting off the bad cholesterol and at the same time keep in check the levels of ‘good’ cholesterol in the body.

Delays aging
Well, years will not pass more slowly while you are taking a cordyceps extract. However, you will experience a youthful skin, less wrinkled and spotted skin and the vigor common in young men.

Body detoxifier
Accumulation of chemicals and potential toxins in the body is almost inevitable. Taking a cordyceps supplement with tea or coffee on daily basis for a month can, for instance, promote a sort of kidney dialysis.

Manages erectile dysfunction
You will constantly find cordyceps being advertised as a natural Viagra alternative. This is associated with its ability to manage and prevent erectile dysfunctions in men. It brings about sexual stamina and promotes less recovery periods after orgasms.

Other health benefits
Cordyceps is reported to lower blood sugar levels. If the right dosage is used in a clinic, it can help manage diabetes. Cordyceps extract is good for kidney nourishment and health. Apart from helping in the detoxification process, it also keeps kidney cells healthy. The plant is also known to help hepatitis B patients recover faster.

What is the cost of cordyceps supplement dosage?

In the recent years, high demand for cordyceps mushrooms has escalated the cost of the plant and its supplements. It is estimated that at least 30% of Tibet population get a large part of their income from commercial cordyceps.

Different forms of cordyceps supplements are priced at different prices. For example, unprocessed forms of cordyceps will cost you about $1 per kg. This price can hike up to $50 or more as the quality of the cordyceps you are buying increases.

You will also expect to pay about $0.2 per serving. This is the most common cost but is open to changes depending on where you are accessing the dosage from. The best approach is to compare the offered prices at different stores.

Cordyceps is available in various forms. You can buy it in powder form, capsules or even in a cordyceps extract and use it in tea or coffee.

Caution should be taken when buying cordyceps products and supplements. As international prices continue to hike and scarcity for the product worsens, more and more fake products find their way into the market.

What is the correct cordyceps extract dosage?

Luckily enough, cordyceps mushrooms can be cultivated in lab cultures. This has enabled studies to be done on the right dosage that a cordyceps supplement should be taken in.

Cordyceps supplements typically contain substances known as nucleosides. These are the main building blocks of body cells. They also contain minerals, vitamins, proteins and fatty acids.
Dosages may vary from person to person depending on a couple of factors such as current health status and results expected.

Generally, supplements come in 500 and 1000mg per serving. Some trials have studied higher dosages of up to 2500mg.

If you are using a high-quality cordyceps supplement, you can look for the concentration percentages of mannitol and adenosine (5% and 0.1% respectively) per dose.

Can cordyceps supplement cure erectile dysfunction?

It would be a lie to claim that a supplement can actually cure erectile dysfunction on its own. This is even for the best natural testosterone boosters.

ED is, unfortunately, a complex condition and one many people understand very little about. It is for this reason that patients end up being disappointed after trying a couple of promising products and techniques.

Cordyceps products will surely produce aphrodisiac effects as well as boost sexual health. But this is not all that goes into treating erectile dysfunction. You will first have to find out, what really is the cause of the condition. A doctor will provide the best advice and possible courses of action in this case.

You can take cordyceps products for long-term management of erectile dysfunction. But in such a case that you are actually diagnosed with the condition, not only cordyceps supplements but any other supplement will not do much on their own.

Potential side effects of cordyceps human use

There are no major side effects associated with cordyceps human use. It is, in fact, unlikely that any lethal side effect will come from supplementing with the plants’ extract.

The general side effects mostly reported by cordyceps users include nausea, mouth dryness, and sometimes diarrhea. They are largely tolerable and in most cases, users don’t even notice them.
Cordyceps human use has not been officially studied to satisfaction. Its effects are in fact not well understood.

Cordyceps has been shown to alter blood sugar and affect the immune system. For this reason, you should avoid it when under immune-suppressants. This also goes for diabetes patients. It is best that you talk to your doctor before taking this and other dietary supplements.

Where can I buy cordyceps mushroom extract?

It is not hard nowadays to find a cordyceps extract for sale. The internet is full of legit sources where you can access the product.

It will first depend on which form you want your cordyceps extract as it is available in its raw forms, powder forms and even in supplements. Its powder can be taken with tea or coffee. Supplements come with guidelines on how they should be taken for best health benefits. You can also get it in form of meals when cooked.

You are always encouraged to check your sources. As it happens, the demand for the product is continuing to rise, a fact some manufacturers are taking advantage of.

Cordyceps mushroom is a single product with its own health benefits. It is advertised and has so far proven to be a sexual health promoter especially in men. However, other measures for better sexual health must also be put into the play.

Ensure that your diets are mostly comprised of healthy, preferably ones with sexual health benefits. Get some scheduled physical workouts several times in a week. Finally, hear what your doctor has to suggest.