Can Men Have Erectile Dysfunction After Vasectomy?

Posted: December 11, 2017 by admin in Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction after vasectomy is not a dream that can come true because it will not affect your erection or climax. It is only done if you want to birth control method.

Before we proceed on whether men can develop erectile dysfunction after vasectomy, it is very important to have more understanding about vasectomy, what it entails and the reason for such surgery.

What is a Vasectomy?

It is a kind of operation that is only carried out by separating sperm from semen. No single or unmarried man can think of vasectomy because it is only meant to control pregnancy. However, the reason does not matter but the major fact is that vasectomy is not for ED but rather for birth control. It has nothing to do with sex drive, ability to have an erection or your sexual performance. When a vasectomy is done, it cannot be reversed.

Almost half a million men are subjected to vasectomy test in America annually based on the report from the A. U. A. After a vasectomy operation, the sperm is restricted from joining seminal fluid and without sperm, any woman that such man has intercourse with will never get conceived. Basically, most people are particularly worried that having a vasectomy is synonymous with impotence or ED. Interestingly, the risk of impotence arising from a vasectomy is very remote. Yet, many men have submitted that their sexual intercourse has never been affected despite their vasectomy.

How to Carry Out Vasectomy

The operation process is a quick one and outpatient procedure is only required whereby after it is done; you do not need to visit the health center or clinic. When it is done, you are free to go back home that same day. Your Physician can as well suggest taking two or three days off from your place of work so as to avoid carrying heavy lifting and having sex for just a week. Here is the process:

  • It takes less than 20 minutes.
  • It is done in the office of the doctor or in the medical setting.
  • There are no stitches involved.
  • Local anesthesia must be used.

The pain is so minor and from inception till date, only 2 to 3 percent of men out of 20 have reported severe pain after the procedure has been completed.

Why There Will Be No Erectile Dysfunction After Vasectomy

Vasectomy is a form of male sterilization whereby no scalpel is involved in the procedure. It is the best effective form of birth control strategy that is very painful to reverse. The process entails making a hole and tying vas deferens. This procedure is very fast and can be done at any local health center. This method will never have any effect on your erections and even your ability to reach orgasm. Anytime you want to get your erection physically, it will never affect your sexual activity neither will it cause any form of erectile dysfunction.

It is very rare to develop ED as a result of vasectomy. What makes you think that there will be ED after vasectomy is basically mental. Both stress and depression can be boosting your opportunities of having erectile dysfunction. These kinds of feelings can tamper with your sexual feelings and if you are so concerned about erectile dysfunction after vasectomy, then you can easily find solace that there is nearly no connection between them.

What Will Not Occur After Vasectomy

There are series of misconceptions concerning this operation and their adverse effects. A vasectomy only implies having sex and ejaculate without sperm which will never fertilize the ovum. Sperm is about less than 3% of ejaculate, hence there is no difference in the taste, appearance and quantity of semen after vasectomy is done.

A vasectomy will not:

  • Have any effect on sexuality.
  • Have any effect on testosterone.
  • Alter the quantity of ejaculate
  • Damage your penile organ
  • Cause any chronic pain
  • Stop STIs

Based on some studies, it shows that there is no relationship between vasectomy and prostate cancer. Consult your doctor and ask him or her for more details as regards this. This will make you feel relax if you are able to address the situation prior the commencement of the surgical operation.

Risks Related to Vasectomy

Do you know that a vasectomy is just a minor process you cannot even imagine? But there are other risks you need to understand about it. You can do this by calling your doctor immediately to know if there are any infection signs such as an increase in pain and bleeding. However, some of the problems you can encounter after vasectomy include swelling, infections around the operated point, mild pain, a bruise at the scrotum, bleeding of the semen, bleeding from scrotum or wound.

Long-term effects despite that it is very rare include:

  • Scrotum swelling
  • Pregnancy as a result of failed vasectomy
  • Persistent pain
  • Building up of fluid in the testicle which could result in pain while ejaculating.

Will Reversal of Vasectomy Has Any Effect on Erectile Dysfunction

Just as vasectomy will never cause erectile dysfunction, so also is a reversal of a vasectomy will never. The production of testosterone still not affected at the course of the two processes. Reversal of vasectomy is a surgical process which entails connecting the cut ends of the vas deferens together again. As stated by the American Urological Association, almost 10% of men that did vasectomy will surely want to do the reversal. This process is even longer than when carrying out vasectomy due to the fact that it has to go through more steps. There is a tendency for you to have the vasectomy reversal even if it is some long years after you have done your vasectomy. Just as the complication of vasectomy is very important to be considered, so also is the thought of the reversal. Since there is assurance of reversing your vasectomy, increase in the number of reversals will surely reduce the rate of its success.

Another thing you need to know is that erectile dysfunction after vasectomy is not sure because it is purposely for childbirth control. Even though the process is of low risk, yet there is a possibility of having infections, severe pain and some other complications totally different from erectile dysfunction after vasectomy. Nevertheless, a vasectomy will neither cause erectile dysfunction directly nor has any effect on your sexuality. The process for erections and climax to take place in your body is not connected to the vasectomy process at all. In case you are contemplating of having a vasectomy, you need to do the following prior the vasectomy process:

  • If you do not want to have children any longer
  • Discuss with your partner concerning your decision and its long-term effects
  • Ask your doctor about what you will need when the process is to be carried out and ensure that you did not go alone but with someone close to you.
  • Have more understanding of the possible side effects and the right time you can call on your doctor.

A vasectomy will not stop you from having sexually transmitted diseases and can only take three months or about 20 ejaculates before your fluid will be free from sperm. It is possible to reverse a vasectomy after many years your vasectomy has been done in case you want to change your mind to have more children. This is just to let you know that there is no harm in vasectomy but purposely for childbirth control. You do not have to bother about whether to do vasectomy or not or whether it will cause erectile dysfunction or not. It is only meant for birth control and can only be done with the agreement between two couples. It is reliable, cheaper and not that painful. After a vasectomy, one can reverse it later in the future if need be.