Can Caffeine Cause Erectile Dysfunction? What Is the Reality?

Posted: December 5, 2017 by admin in Erectile Dysfunction

Can caffeine cause erectile dysfunction in those men consuming it? Or boost their erection? Let’s see how it goes because a lot of controversial issues has been raised on it which will be mentioned here.

At times at a particular point in life, men do experience erection problem whereby they find it difficult to attain and sustain erection which is referred to as erectile dysfunction. Do you know that erectile dysfunction affected nearly 38 million of men in the US? An erection begins when a man is physically or emotionally stimulated. Immediately the brain sends messages all around the central nervous system, thereby increasing the blood flowing into the penis. Those muscles in the penis become relaxed so as to permit blood to enter. The particular pressure that arises from the blood flow will make penis becoming firm and erection to occur.

Other Potential Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Some other possible roots of ED include low levels of testosterone, obesity, diabetes, smoking, alcohol, stress, depression and Peyronie’s disease which involves nerves damage to the penis and also relationship. Sometime, more than a factor could combine together to cause ED. When a doctor is diagnosing, it might not be very easier to get the source of the problem if you are meeting a doctor who is not a specialist in this matter. Some people were even arguing that caffeine can cause erectile dysfunction. The question is how real? Is it possible? Can caffeine cause erectile dysfunction?

What is the Reality that Caffeine Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Do you know that just a little consumption of caffeine can have a serious effect on the level of glucose in your blood? This can bring about adrenal tiredness. Your adrenal glands are located on the top of your kidneys which is regarded as part of your endocrine system. Your adrenal glands are responsible for the production of lots of various hormones which include sex hormones and stress hormones. Too much of caffeine could result in secretion of more cortisol in adrenal glands. As we all know that the increase in the level of cortisol can facilitate imbalances in the level of blood sugar, hypertension and increase in the abdominal fat.

One of the major functions of caffeine is to help stimulate adrenal glands in the production of adrenaline which is responsible to fight response. As soon as the effect of caffeine is diminishing and you ask for more caffeine in order to remain alert, the adrenal gland will keep working hard rather than just normal work leading to adrenal tiredness. The more the stimulation of the adrenal glands, the less they are able to respond to more stress and their result on sex hormones reduces.

The theory of the question that, can caffeine cause erectile dysfunction is indeed a need for study so as to enable you to know whether to abstain from it or to keep drinking it. Really, there is a good and very interesting reason why you need to take coffee. The reason is not far-fetched. It helps to maintain your penis and sustain an erection. For those that want to remain stronger in their erection, a little sip of caffeine in the early morning can do the magic for you. In fact, there are varieties of the coffee brand in the market these days. There are some caffeine that can help you prevent your manhood from ED.

Benefits of Caffeine to ED and Lifestyle Factors

Caffeine have lots of ways to benefit the body. It helps to improve the action of the blood vessel. This implies that there will be better blood circulation all over the body so as to enable one to experience a great increase in toxin removal. Also, there will be better functioning of the mental and promote eyesight among other benefits. When there is an increase in the blood circulation, there will be a high level of energy thereby enable men that are having erectile dysfunction considerably.

There are some factors of lifestyle that can add more to erectile dysfunction. When it comes to this level, the need for drugs or other treatments might not be eliminated if few changes are made. The changes include:

  • Try Coffee

Coffee can enhance your penis to get stiffer and harder due to the fact that it contains caffeine content that helps to increase the circulation of blood and that of adrenaline hormone. Although coffee is very great in erection but could be very dangerous to your health but a little sip will not harm you rather, it will do you good.

  • Weight Loss

Ensure that you are eating the kind of food that is highly rich in nutrient and abstain from junks. Stay away from the meals that give just little nutritional value. Some exercise on a daily routine will make you go a long way.

  • Reduce Your Alcohol intake

Reduce or stop alcohol drinking to find out if this will be of help to you. If you are a smoker, this is the right time to quit smoking attitude. Look for medical help most especially if you are having a substance that can be abusive and cause more complication to your erectile dysfunction.

  • Try to De-stress

Anytime both anxiety and stress tamper with your life quality, it will be advantageous for you to go for counseling.

Drinks that Combat Erectile Dysfunction

Just little sip of caffeine can kick-start and boost your metabolism as it influences the circulation of blood. Also, it will help to pump blood to your penile organ. By so doing; there will be better erection and your ED will be treated in no time. From observation, caffeine consists of some properties that are similar to the medication of erectile dysfunction such as Viagra as said by study coauthor called Run Wang, M.D. This particular stimulant helps to trigger series of effects that could make the arteries in the penis to relax as there is an increase in the blood flow. These two connects to a very strong erection.

Some of the advantages of coffee to man is to boost its metabolism and make erection last longer with more strength to you. Therefore with a just little sip of a coffee daily, couple with natural Viagra, you are sure of your erection without any delay.

How Early Morning Caffeine Related to Erection

Theory has been concluded by researchers that the effect of caffeine on the body includes relaxation of the helicine arteries found in the penis. This, in turn, boosts the flow of blood thereby brings about an erection. The sources of caffeine in this survey included energy drinks and soda together with tea and coffee. However, Lopez categorically said that both energy drinks and soda are too unhealthy to be taken. He also said in the Huffington Post that “Keep in mind that aside caffeine, energy drinks and soda comprises of some other ingredients that are not disclosed on the label. Even though, we knew nothing about the sugar which has a strong connection to obesity and diabetes. Yet there are some other drinks that are free from sugar but some of their ingredients are related to cancer.”

Due to the fact that this is not a related study, Lopez says that he cannot write any recommendation for caffeine to be taken at the moment. He said that “I can tell you that there is a foundation laid for the relationship between erectile dysfunction and caffeine. This is a good beginning, I can tell you.” But right now, caffeine will be added to the long list of why it is very important to drink coffee, just as if we required another one. Meanwhile, if you are addicted to a morning cup of caffeine, it is a nice idea to have a cup so as to attain and keep erections.

In conclusion, if you are taking caffeine, let it be moderate. Excess of everything could be dangerous to your health.