Blood Pressure and Erectile Dysfunction: Relationship Between Them?

Posted: December 1, 2017 by admin in Erectile Dysfunction

Blood pressure and erectile dysfunction are somehow interrelated. The reason is that an increase in blood pressure enhances the risk of experiencing ED problem.

The major reason why ED has increased in popularity is when men are growing older, they are likely to be using drugs for them to become erected for sexual intercourse activity.  Unknowingly for the men, they did not know that all medications have their adverse effect. One of the adverse effects is hypertension. According to the estimation made during a study, it has been discovered that about 25 percent of the men having ED in the society experienced it because of the drug they are using. Some drugs even compounded the complexity of the impotence in men thereby causing high blood pressures. Do not just take any drug without the doctor’s prescription because it could be disastrous to health.

There are some emphasis from a research that the effect of the medications for hypertension could be basically on psychological when compare to the rate of people having their own from physical. Anytime impotence happens after introducing a new drug, there is a tendency of having anxiety about health instead of the drug. This could trigger the issue of impotence. If there is an awareness of the potential side effects that may arise, men will know that it is not normal.

Nevertheless, if your erectile dysfunction emerges after commencing the treatment of any medication for hypertension, do not hesitate to inform your doctor because he or she is in the best position to give you substitute for your predicament. Remember that, it could take much time for your erection to return if you start taking hypertension medication. Even if you refuse to take blood pressure medications, try to ensure that you go for a checkup on hypertension because this could be the sign of having erectile dysfunction.

How High Blood Pressure and Erectile Dysfunction Relate

Majority of men are ignorant of how high blood pressure and erectile dysfunction can be so connected until they visit their doctor and doctor diagnose them. There are many things we did not know and remain blank to us as a human being until the people that specialize in it shed more light on it for us. For the sake of clarity on the relationship between high blood pressure and erectile dysfunction, you need to know how an erection works perfectly.

You need to know how your system work before you finally conclude with your doctor on his or her diagnoses. If you ask your doctor, he will enlighten you on what really happens after you have shared your medical history with him. Your medical history will help the doctor to know what to do and how to go about your treatment. Some people could be a victim of high blood pressure as a result of genetics or hereditary. Some men are measured with a sphygmomanometer and diagnosed of having high blood pressure in their blood without any real source of it and even without them knowing or feeling it. But in this case, ED as a result of high blood pressure occurs due to the drugs that are being taken when treating high blood pressure.

Some people could be given some drugs that are having the same or antagonized content that can tamper with their life and destiny. Therefore, that is why you need to see a doctor who will give you the right prescription and order your step on how to go about it. When it comes to this level, you do not go over the counter for high blood pressure medication. There are some offline or online stores these days that are filled with quack and counterfeit drugs and pharmacists or doctors. That is why you need the prescription of the real or physical doctor to put you through.

High Blood Pressure and ED Causes

Both blood pressure and erectile dysfunction are nearly interconnected in the sense that the occurrence of hypertension while treating with medication can cause ED. Majority of the drugs manufactured today are full of serious side effects. If one is not taken, it could cost him his life without remedy. Obviously, for a penile organ to erect, it is based on how much the blood flow level and what affect this blood is the force supply. With the increase in the blood pressure, the penis will not be able to get the right amount of blood force needed and refuse to reach and sustain enough erection that is needed to satisfy sexual intercourse. The major cause of erectile problems is high blood pressure.

Besides, one of the causes of ED which is connected to blood pressure is that as long as high pressure is not attended to with urgent treatment, the solution will not be effective as expected. One must be very careful when dealing with high blood pressure. As long as you as a man can give yourself peace of mind despite the ordeal, you are creating the better way of escape for yourself. If your high blood pressure is not genetic or hereditary, then with peace of mind, it will go in no time, more so, that it is coupled with strict adherence to doctor’s instructions.

For a blood vessel to function effectively, nitric oxide is very crucial as this enables the brain to send a signal when sexually arouse. Those men who have long years of history on high blood pressure refuse to yield enough quantity of nitric oxide and the tissues of the penis cannot broaden any longer to accept additional supply of blood required to attain and sustain an erection. Both high blood pressure and erectile dysfunction are chronic medical challenges that required urgent attention of your doctor.

How High Blood Pressure and Erectile Dysfunction Causes Are Intertwined

The popular roots of high blood pressure and erectile dysfunction include:

  • Immediately high blood pressure tampered with the arteries located in the penis by restricting it from widen (widen required to attain and sustain an erection). Also, this lets penis forfeit its ability to relax. By this, the blood flowing into the penis become insufficient.
  • Men having high blood pressure frequently will also experience low levels of testosterone that is very vital in the life of man.
  • Some high blood pressure drugs are too connected to erectile dysfunction and such include water pills and beta-blocker drugs.

Honesty with Doctor on Blood Pressure

Those men thinking of the kind of drugs to use in treating their ED need to visit their doctor in the first place. You do not just go to the counter or online pharmacy store to buy the drug without proper diagnosing and right recommendation. Just begin by visiting your doctor first. Remember that the more your doctor knows concerning you, the better the treatment will be. This will help you keep a satisfying sex life. Get ready to answer some questions your doctor will ask you. The questions may include:

  • What drugs have you been taking so far?
  • Did you have any problem with your relationship with your partner sexually?
  • Have you been feeling stressed or depressed?
  • Do you have any kind of unusual stress you are facing?

You need to prepare your mind prior seeing doctor because you must be sincere to your doctor if you truly want to get out of the sexual mess you find yourself.

With the new development in technology for treatment, you do not need to kill yourself silently as a result of embarrassment that is making you feel shy to disclose your problem. Look for the best clinic or hospital where you can find a well-qualified doctor who can attend to your blood pressure and erectile problem need. Any slight occurrence of hypertension could result in erectile dysfunction as we have been discussing earlier. Your doctor will diagnose you and give you the right drug that suits its purpose. Silent is the fastest killer, do not kill yourself as a result of these two silent killers. You can become a man again if you quickly call the attention of your doctor.